Meet Your efficiency Experts

Few logistics providers in Malaysia can give you access to a team of experts that’s as diverse, technically skilled and experienced as ours. Our Efficiency Experts have more than 100 years of collective expertise in logistics and other industries. This means we’re able to offer you total logistics solutions under one roof. That’s efficiency!




Amran Abdullah

Managing Director

Mr Amran brings with him decades of experience in managing supply chain solutions, warehousing, distribution, and automotive logistics. In his 30-year career, he has developed proven solutions for public-listed companies that have effectively brought down logistics costs and time. Mr Amran is a firm believer in creative leadership and in creativity as a force that can shift the way people think about and carry out logistics activities.


Motohiko Tachibana

Corporate Director, Strategic Planning

Mr Tachibana has been in Malaysia for over 30 years and his background in finance and logistics operations has been invaluable in our efforts to establish JHC as a world-class organization. His cross-cultural experiences during his postings to Japan, China and other Southeast Asian countries give us an edge in advancing our regional networks.


Isao Shakado

Technical Director, Business Development

A highly-skilled automotive logistician with over 30 years’ experience in the Japanese automotive industry, Mr Shakado’s technical proficiency lies in developing measurable logistics processes to establish cost reductions for our clients. As a certified Business Consultant of Japan, he is trained to see both the procedural and business sides of any logistics challenge.


A. Fadzil bin Zainun

Technical/Operations Director

The technical whiz kid behind our automotive logistics activities, Mr Fadzil garnered a wealth of experience during his tenure at one of Malaysia’s national car manufacturers. Through his expertise, we are able to develop new products and solutions that bring positive impact on our clients’ bottomlines.


Jeslyn Soh Hui Bian

International Business Director

Ms Jeslyn is a graduate of Washington State University, Pullman, Washington. Backed by more than 28 years of experience as a marketer and logistics planner under Panasonic’s TV division, she has a finger on the pulse of the logistics industry with special expertise in warehousing and Sea-Air freight forwarding.


Ong Kok Tong

Finance & Risk Director

An accountant by profession, Mr Ong’s strong background in finance and insurance makes him the organization’s guiding hand in identifying and managing all of JHC’S risks. His insights on risk management are crucial for developing better logistics solutions for our clients.


Tirath Singh

Corporate Planner

Before joining JHC, Mr Tirath had worked with multinationals ranging from Logistics and Oil & Gas to Property Development. With more than 30 years of Human Resource Management experience, he brings the knowledge we need to establish the right processes for organizational and manpower growth.


Latif Matar

Senior Manager, Air Freight

Mr Latif heads our Air Freight division and with his 28 years of experience, provides leadership in one of our core business modules. His extensive knowledge of the complexities of Air Freight shipping and handling allows JHC to provide one-stop freighting solutions for our clients.


Suhana Abdul Rahman

Senior Manager, Sea Freight

Our Sea Freight division is expertly marshalled by Ms Suhana, yet another industry veteran among JHC’s ranks with years of experience. Her 20-year career in freighting makes her the right woman for the job of handling all business developed for the Sea Freight division.


Rossida Abdul Razak

Head of Finance

Ms Rossida is the firm hand that steers our Finance Division, providing guidance for and managing the Group’s finances. In addition to her portfolio in Finance, Ms Rossida has 20 years’ experience in the Logistics and Manufacturing industries.

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