Grow with the JHC Family

JHC is a people first company. We’re an organization that promotes a culture of clarity, efficiency and positivity which makes everyone’s job a little smoother so we can keep our clients happy. In short, this is a place where clients are served to the fullest of our ability and employees can grow to their fullest potential.

3 Reasons Why You Should Join Us

(besides the great coffee!)

We make logistics innovative & creative so work is always inspired and interesting.
We love to share: whether it’s ideas, our experiences or fun.
We want everyone to have a voice because different opinions help us improve.

We are hiring:

Job Purpose

To develop a nationwide distribution plan, conduct business development activities, customize software solutions and manage distribution team

Job Purpose

The marketing executive generates new business, maintains relationships with clients, maintains post-service activities, and reports on marketing activities.

Job Purpose

To ensure continuous improvement within the JHC Group i.e. planning, developing and documenting Kaizen events; performing 6-S audits, process mapping, capability studies, root cause analysis, coordination of all departments, and other support areas during Kaizen activities.

Job Purpose

The IT coordinator manages the company facility’s IT systems which include computers, networks, internet access, websites, telephone lines and other technology.

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