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Whether you are planning a new distribution operation or already moving goods over land, air, or sea, you can count on the JHC Group to make efficiency work for you. In many ways, we are part of your value chain. By helping you reduce time and costs, we add to this shared value chain — creating better margins for you and better business for us.


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100+ years on the market, 500+ employees, high quality standards and value added, modern equipment.

The JHC Group can trace its beginnings to its flagship company, JHC Express Sdn. Bhd. Since the founding of JHC Express on 7 April 1999, we have committed to building our regional reach, and this was realized in 2013 with the incorporation of Japan High Comm Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. as part of the new JHC Group. Recognizing an acute gap in the provision of specialized logistics solutions for the local automotive industry, JHC Logistics was established on 8 March 2012 thus broadening the Group’s capabilities.  What began as consultation services for line-site delivery of automotive parts led to a collaborative logistics service package developed by JHC Logistics and Malaysia’s national postal service provider for the country’s pioneering national automotive manufacturer.

Today, JHC Logistics customizes logistics solutions for several premier automotive companies in the country. Our logistics services for one leading national automotive manufacturer are currently held as the logistics industry standard in Malaysia, and we are now consolidating our position as the logistics provider for automotive manufacturers.

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Our efficiencies give you see-through clarity to see your goods and promises through.

JHC’s Services, People, and Process efficiencies deliver visibility and measurable value, helping you keep your operations on track so you can keep your promises to your customers.

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