EEFI-ciency in Motion

Imagine how much more efficient your operation would be if you could constantly monitor logistics performance and identify what you can improve on next. Our EEFI dashboard empowers you to make continuous improvements for spot-on efficiency you can see.


is the EEFI Dashboard

The End-to-End Field information dashboard (EEFI for short) is our proprietary logistics interface that makes monitoring the movement of your goods as easy as checking your email inbox or phone.


Does EEFI Work

It works just like its name says. EEFI keeps track of the movement of goods throughout your supply chain from end-to-end, relaying timely information to you via email or SMS.


Does EEFI Help?

EEFI shows you a big picture of your supply chain flow so you know where your goods are at any given time. With EEFI, we help you:

Identify and improve KPIs.

Reduce waste and cost.

Make informed, strategic decisions.

Respond to unexpected supply-demand changes.